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Welcome ToIndian Beauty Art

Indian Beauty Art Pvt Ltd offers the unique benefit of an integrated system of herbal care & product excellence. We provide the best skin care & beauty products of high quality at affordable prices. Indian Beauty Art Pvt Ltd, all our staff are experienced, committed, friendly, and passionate about enhancing and bringing out the natural beauty in you, our valuable customers.

Skin Care Tips:

Shave carefully and shaving cream

Cleanse and moisturize
your face every day

Our SpecialitiesEnhance Your Best Look With

Integrated System Of Facial

Using The Best Skin Care Products

Quality Service At Affordable Pricing

Experience & Friendly Staff

Our ServicesVariety of Beauty Services

Henna Art

We at Indian Beauty Art, are backed with a team of creative professionals, who does an exceptional job with the henna cones while drafting delicate Mehndi designs


Upper lip, Lower lip, Chain, Face, Foot, Full Hands, Under Arms, Half Legs, Full Legs, Full Body, Tummy, Front Neck, Back Neck, Full Back.


Our beauty parlour offers Threading, Upper Lips, Chin & full-face hair removal service.

FAQMen Facial Waxing

Will facial waxing loosen the skin?

The claim is false. Skin sagging is caused by a wide range of factors, including aging and sun damage. Waxing is definitely not one of them.

Is facial waxing painful?

For first-timers, facial waxing may be a tad uncomfortable. Minor pain and irritation are inevitable, but they only last for a split second! As you visit us more often, it will all be fine.

Is facial waxing safe and effective?

Facial waxing is safe. When done right, men can benefit greatly from it. Including the removal of dead skin and unruly hair strands, as well as keeping their face’s skin smooth.

What makes waxing the best option for men's hair removal?

Your skin will be firm and smoother for a longer period of time with waxing. The regrowth of hair is slower and softer, and it causes less irritation than shaving.

TestimonialsWhat Our Customers Say

First time doing threading and they were super friendly. It was almost pain-free and my eyebrows look great after. It was done in under 5 minutes! Highly recommend it for a fuss-free experience

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Maryann Chua

The service here is really good. They do the threading very well and is in shape. And they do a massage after the threading which is really very comforting. Been threading my eyebrows here since forever and I'll always come out satisfied with my brows! Professional and friendly team.

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Nesh Ganesh

Amazing experience - 1st time threading my eyebrows. It took around 3 minutes. She went exactly in my shape, so it looked amazing. Also, you could see she is very skilled by her very fast and precise moves. The Indian lady - I suppose she is the owner is very sociable. The threading was also very cheap. Furthermore, what impressed me is that they have a loyalty program online, so you can actually top up and pay from your account!!! Totally recommend it. They also do waxing.

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Loana Roxana Bob

I was there to do curly hair setting to attend a dinner event, but with their suggestion my hairstyle and makeup were outstanding. It's simple as I ask for, but given attractive look. I love the way they approach and give suggestions. Thank you Ms. Shakirah.
And each time I go there for my threading Ms. Sheela never fails to impress me.
And everyone there is very Professional and supportive.
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Grace Sheila Easiah (Grace)

I was there with my daughter. Threading and hair treatment was done for me. She had threading and layer cuts are done on her hair. We were pleased with the results and the services provided. It is definitely worth recommending, and I will return there in the near future. Kudos to the service team.
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I went to Indian Beauty Art today.. their service was amazing. I gt done my threading and waxing done. I was attended by Ms.Sheela. she is very friendly n did a great job. I'm satisfied with their service. Highly recommended guy

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Kalies Raveen

I would like to say thank you so much for the great service from the staff name Vijay she was very professional with her work and it was really comfortable to keep coming back to the store. Truly happy and looking forward to the next session.
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Hidayah Klehr

I would like to say thank you so much for the great service from the staff name Vijay she was very professional with her work and it was really comfortable to keep coming back to the store. Truly happy and looking forward to the next session.

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Aparnna Gandhirajan

This is my first time at the Woodlands branch to do a Henna hair treatment and facial. It was a great experience. I was impressed by the service given by the staff Sheela. She was patient in doing the Henna and facial as it took time. Sheela was very skillful and professional when doing facials. I enjoyed her service and felt relaxed. Another Staff Sheya, the hairstylist was also very professional.
Thank you, ladies.
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Vijay Letchumi

Excellent service! Came here, as usual, to do henna on my hair. I have seen a lot of improvement in my hair growth, and dandruff issues. This time I opt-in facial as well. Having issues with white and blackheads on my face. First time doing a facial in my life. Huge difference in just 1 time doing a facial! My skin before was rough, with white and blackheads. After doing a facial as recommended and taking the collagen package, my skin is soft and moist and has no white blackheads.
Its Muslimah a friendly salon too! Thank you so much Indian Beauty Art.
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Nor Maiden

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