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By registering, you hereby agree to our data protection and that Indian Beauty Art Pte Ltd (as “IBA”) may collect, use, disclose, and store your personal data for administrative, legitimate interest, or for business improvement purposes. IBA may share your data with third parties for conducting its business, transportation, procurement, invoicing, or extended spa-related servicing purposes.

In the event of missing field(s) or missing signature(s), this form will be deemed as incomplete registration. You may choose to complete the registration. If you choose to not proceed, no information will be registered in our system.

So long as you have a direct or indirect relationship with IBA your personal data will be held and processed in accordance with our data protection policy. Once the relationship ends or you withdraw all your personal data, IBA will not retain your personal data unless there are legal and / or business reasons for so doing. Please let us know if you wish to withdraw, access, correction or vary your consent. There are no consequences of withdrawing consent, either before or upon receiving the notice of withdrawal before giving effect to the withdrawal of consent. In the event any other use of your personal data is compromised, we will notify you of the same.

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